In the early 1980s, Absolut Vodka developed their classic style of advertising, making use of the iconic design of the vodka bottle itself.

Absolut has been known for its iconic collaborations across the world. Absolut has been active in the art world since 1985, when it invited Andy Warhol to create the first in a series of iconic advertisements inspired by the iconic bottle. Today, Absolut supports acclaimed artists, art writers, and institutions in their efforts to present new works, stimulate ideas, bring people together, and broaden access to creativity.

In India, Absolut showcased its very first collaboration with creative design with Manish Arora at the Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week. Gameplan recommended and assisted Absolut with art collaborations with artists like Bharti Kher, Subodh Gupta, Author Vikram Seth and  Sir Anish Kapoor.

Building off of the brand's three-decade heritage as a player in the contemporary art world, Absolut's new brand platform aims to reconnect with Millennial consumers. Anchored in the insight that, for this generation, the future is not a given, it's what you create, Absolut employs the talents of emerging artists to inspire Millennials to create the future- their future and not someone else's version of it. The platform launches a new signature for the brand – ‘Transform Today’. The Transform Today platform features four international artists who have been selected from around the world for their drive to transform their genres.

The art collaboration with Sir Anish Kapoor was based on this concept of Transform Today.